Are you already following a training program ....
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 Are you stuck at a current training plateau ...
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Forging Complete Athletes through Mobility, Mindset & Targeted Supplementation
"This Is The 30 Day PR Challenge!"
Light a FIRE & INTENSITY that drives your efficiency and virtuosity of your current programming!

How important is it to you to be a COMPLETE athlete?
The 30 Day PR Challenge Helps You ...

• Increase Strength
• Improve Endurance
• Increase Flexibility
• Improve Coordination, Balance & Agility
• Increase Power
• Improve Speed
• Improved Accuracy
• Increase Stamina ...


• Specify AND Reach Your Fitness Goals!
CRUSH your current PRs
• Improve your competitive mindset
• Help develop your Optimal Performance State ...

WITHOUT changing your current training program!
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What is the 30 Day PR Challenge?
The 30 Day PR Challenge gives athletes the specific foundational system to improve their 10 general physical skills, in order to break through a training plateau by focusing on Supplementation, Mindset & Movement!

The Challenge can be incorporated into ANY current training/strength program!
Katie Danger
CEO & Founder - Red H Nutrition
• •
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
USA Weightlifting – Level 1 Coach
MS Exercise Science
Army Veteran
4x Individual Regional Competitor
• •
My Personal Records:
2:17 "Fran"
290 Back Squat
355 Deadlift
135 Strict Press
"I used to get stuck in training and get frustrated. But, with the system I've implemented, I am always getting stronger & faster and I want to share that system with you!"
Hey There!
My name is Katie Danger, and I've qualified for the CrossFit™ Regionals competition for 5 years as an individual and have experimented with nearly every training protocol, program, routine, regimin, etc. you can think of!

But, during that time I figured a lot of things out. 

And one of the most important parts of training isn't the number of workouts you get in. Nope. Not at all. 

It's about focused supplementation to support sport specific training, movement quality and MOST IMPORTANTLY ...

Mindset & Community.

Putting up heavy weights and following a periodized training program are important, don't misunderstand me.

But the real progress and continued improvement happens when you get real with yourself and focus on more than just getting in 2 or 3-a-days.

Currently, I work with athletes in Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma & Colorado, and am quickly becoming the foremost expert on supplemental nutrition for functional fitness improvement. In my journey, I've helped over 300 Athletes overcome their training ruts and plateaus in just 30 days (or less!) with the 30 Day PR Challenge.

Yes, they worked hard at the gym, AND they were also given the foundational knowledge to achieve those athleticism-changing results.

My quest to the become the expert on the "1% improvements" that can help athletes progress, has been quite the journey; Lots of research through endless documents and self-experimentation ... but now I UNDERSTAND.
I've learned that the road to your athletic potential AND LONGEVITY OF THE BODY, is multi-faceted. 

The 30 Day PR Challenge takes the multi-faceted approach by recognizing Mindset, Nutrition and  Movement as the CONTINUAL FACTORS for your fitness progression.

Want to get a new PR every month?
Optimize your athletic potential?
Show up to the gym and always feel confident in your abilities?
Overcome every training plateau with ease?!
You can do that, and simply by joining the 30 Day PR Challenge!

And no, you don't have to do some crazy heavy workout plan ... you're going to continue on the SAME program you are doing now - We are not altering your actual training/workout programming!

Our system includes all the foundations for your athletic success ... so you can achieve over and over and over, regardless of your current training program!
Let Me Ask You Something ...
• Have you recently hit a training plateau?

• Do you want to improve your functional fitness WITHOUT adding additional workouts?

• Do you desire the accountability of an elite community to help drive your success?

• Would you like to be able to feel great during your workouts and move better?

• Do you currently go to the gym, follow a training program ... but aren't seeing the results?

• Are you your own worst enemy and struggle with negative self talk & doubt?

• Do you feel like you've hit your athletic potential and can't get any better?
If you answered "YES", to any of the above, then the 30 Day PR Challenge is for you!
What Are The Benefits?
The 30 Day PR Challenge utilizes functional fitness specific supplementation, mindset training and mobility plans to help all athletes overcome training plateaus AND continue to make improvements!
 More Energy
Improved Performance
Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion
Improved Brain Function
Increased Mental Clarity
Results in 30 Days ... Or Less!
How Does The 30 Day PR Challenge Work?
You train hard. And you expect results ... and if you train hard, you deserve to have that hard work pay off.

The Challenge is simple: You'll follow your current training program, but you'll incorporate our specific supplementation routine, mindset tasks and accountability group so you can tap into your athletic potential.

You'll keep a training journal of your workouts and nutrition for the next 30 days to track your progress and promote accountability.

You'll be a part of our Community of Athletes on the same track as you, sharing the same goals, providing a solid foundation of support to help you reach your goals.

Do you want a new PR in 30 Days? If yes, click "I'm ready to join the challenge", NOW!
What's Inside The 30 Day PR Challenge System?
"There are two things that every successful athlete has in common ... the drive to succeed AND the community to support them." - Dave Spitz
30 Day PR Supplement System ($189 Value!)
  • FULL 30 Day Supply of Red H Nutrition's Clean, effective & safe-for-sport nutritional supplements that focus on enhancing your speed, power, strength, endurance, stamina, accuracy, flexibility, agility, balance & coordination.
  • Easily implemented with your current supplement routine AND/OR used as sole supplementation. Includes our FREE Supplement Optimization & Timing Guide!
  • Full ingredient listing, optimal use practices and supplement information so you can get the most from your nutrition!
  • Detailed answers to common supplement questions like: When should I take them, how do I best use supplements, What does each ingredient do, and MORE!
Athlete Performance Guides ($199 Value)
  • Includes 10 athlete guides to help you overcome common training issues like mobility, flexibility and gymnastics! 
  • Includes a 15-minute mobility program so you can tackle any WOD safely and with INTENSITY!
  • EXCLUSIVE "Ring Dip Hero" Training Program so you can achieve a strict ring dip in 30 days!!
  • BONUS! "Functional Fitness Athlete Crash Course" - A 5 Chapter Analysis of the Origins of Functional Fitness
The Woke Athlete 30 Day Mindset System
($499 Value)
  • 30 days of short, effective mindset tasks to improve your confidence, clarity and sportsmanship!
  • Includes daily tasks that take less than 5 minutes to complete!
  • 3 Course Modules: Overcoming Aversions, Composure & Virtuosity
  • Find your unique Optimal Performance State (OPS)!
What Other Athletes Are Saying ...
"Purchased the 30 Day PR System! The PR guarantee really caught my attention. Who doesn't want a guaranteed PR in 30 days?! I read the detailed product description for each element of the system and was sold. I like knowing what I'm putting in my body and the way Red H presented the information was hugely beneficial. Not only did they explain the benefits of the ingredient of their supplements, but they explained the recommended dosage of each, thus supporting the quantity they put into their supplements!

I'm only 1 week into the 30 days, but already the Super Flexy has loosened my joints. As a 31 year old, I don't have many joint problems, but intense training had caused some residual soreness which is noticeably better after 1 week of Super Flexy. 

The Formula-H Pre-workout has been a tremendous addition to my morning routine. I like that I feel alert without feeling jittery, and it lasts throughout my 1.5 to 2 hour training sessions. I also love that I don't hit a wall after it has left my system. I get up at 0400 to train and I used to drink several cups of coffee throughout the day to try to stay awake. In fact, my wife asked me just this morning as she made coffee, "Did you not drink any coffee?" I told her that I had stopped drinking my post workout cup of coffee because the Formula-H leaves me alert and ready for the day! 

Perhaps my favorite piece of the 30 PR system is the ZEN-REM. I am a father of two, a 2 year old and a 2 month old. Sleep is at a premium in my house. ZEN-REM not only helps me fall asleep more quickly, but if I am roused out of my sleep, I fall back to sleep quicker. The most notable benefit, however, is how rested I feel. Even if I get less than 6 hours of sleep, I wake up and feel rested!
Try the 30 Day PR system, you literally have nothing to lose. You spend a few bucks for 30 days of more supple joints, fantastic pre-workout, great sleep, and, oh by the way, you're guaranteed to get a PR or your money back!" - Robert C.
"Excellent system and perfect way to try something new! IRecently switched to Red H from another brand, and the difference was clear right way! The bundle is the best way to test the products over a sufficient period of time. The Go Juice is outstanding, providing a valuable boost during tough workouts, and tastes way better than other brands. As a runner, the Super Flexy has eased my knee pain/soreness. The ZEN R.E.M. works great too, sleep is key! Hope you give it a try as well!" - Shannon M.
- Ben Barker, Blogger, @thedadwod
"Great great products and system! I've been using the super flexy and I LOVEEE IT. But then I got this bundle, and now I'm in love with their pre-workout, but most of all Go Juice. It seriously replenishes and keeps me going in a workout!" - Elliot F.
"I'm never going back to another brand! Red H Nutrition and the 30 Day PR Challenge is everything it says it is. I have never felt this good, energized, focused. Super Flexy has my knees feeling great again!
You'll never go back either!" - Jaime D.
- Tamara Gray, Owner CrossFit Pandora's Box
The 30 Day PR Challenge has helped hundreds of athletes optimize their fitness so they can overcome their training plateaus ... both physical and mental!
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30 Day PR Challenge Facebook Community
  • A community of athletes who share the belief that "Iron Sharpens Iron" and encourage others to be the best they can.
  • Accountability and support from me, my team of coaches and your fellow Challenge members!
  • Share your progress, results, motivation and encouragement with the community to reach your goals as a team!
  • Exclusive Monthly Prizes for Member's Only including gift cards, barbells, training equipment and more!
  • Premiere Supplement Discounts & Sale Access!
100% Money Back Guarantee
It will take dedication, but if you stick with it, I am so confident that you will see the results you are looking for - just like so many others before you - that I'm willing to refund you 100% if you don't achieve your fitness goals with our challenge system.
The 30 Day PR Challenge has helped hundreds of athletes achieve their fitness goals, and equipped with the skills to continue to improve their performance!
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©2018 Red H Nutrition
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